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Owner/Operator Derrick Fiveash

Derrick Fiveash Owner/operator of Fiveash RenovationsFiveash Renovaiton Team Member Derrick Laying Tile

My name is John Derrick Fiveash and the Owner/Operator. I have been involved in the construction business since I was sixteen years old and learned all my skills from first hand experience with great Craftsman here in brunswick. I was a paid Fire fighter with the Brunswick Fire Department for a little more than two years, but decided to dedicate myself to Fiveash Renovations.I have an Associate's degree in Fire Science and currently working on my Bachelors in Business and Web Design. I bleive in always learning, better myself and that's what I execpt of my crew. I started at the bottom and have done almost every aspect involved in building and remodeling a home. I have worked with some of the best guys in the business and obtained many skills that I use to make your house the home you want it to be. I grew up around carpenters all my life and they have been an influence on my business and me. I worked for many companies over the years and learned from each one of their mistakes, which helped me create a business that anyone would be proud to call their own. I stated the business without any finically help from banks or family. I bought one tool at a time and my company has grown over the years to what it is now. I have framed, trimmed, painted, plumbed, ect.... 

Derrick the Owner/operator Family photoFiveash Renovations Team member Derrick Installing trim in a remodel

Most your average Contractor's have little experience when it comes to actually having hands on knowledge in many of the projects that they are involved in. This is one of the many advantages of my company compared to many others. I can do any phase of the construction or remodeling if necessary and I am on the job painting, laying tile, roofing according to what the project calls for. I work hard to keep a good reputation and I hold my people to the highest level of commitment to make every job we do our very best.

As George Washington said “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses” (Washington, 2010) and I don't take them. I have hired and let go alot of people because they didn't have what I wanted to be a part of my team. ( Positive attitude, good work ethic, drug free and skills in all phases of home renovations) I have lived in Brunswick most of my life and love it here and enjoy making people's we strive to help our customer create their dream homes. Our home is where we feel safe, spend a lot of our off time and we all want our homes to be perfect. Our home is our most valued asset and this is why we strive to be the best so you will give us the privilege of working on your home. I enjoy fixing or improving homes and the great difference I make in both my careers.


Click on the paper to read the article from the Brunswick News:

Fiveash Renovations Owner in The Brunswick News Paper Article

These are a few words that I live by:

"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or mental.

It will spread in your work and your life."


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